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For all photography done under the pre-tense of allowances, donations (no hiring fee)(allowances, donations, etc are not considered hiring fee), all images captured in such events, performances, etc belong solely to Gary Ng Photography and not the organiser of the events, performances, etc. The organiser of such events, performances, etc may only use the captured images after purchasing the images.




Protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information is important, as it is fundamental to the way to conducting business. Gary Ng Photography is sensitive to privacy issues and treats very seriously the ongoing trust of clients. Gary Ng Photography will not supply any personal information supplied via its Website or any other affiliated sites (including any Gary Ng Photography social media platforms) to any third party.




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Afore-agreed images that are being shared with organisers as a form of good-will will be uploaded to Gary Ng Photography’s Website. The images will not be at full resolution and will contain Gary Ng Photography’s watermark. Organisers may save the images from Gary Ng Photography’s Website for safekeeping but shall not distribute / use the images for commercial purposes. Organisers may share the images on the organisers’ respective websites and social media platforms following the ‘Social Media Sharing’ guidelines below.


Social Media Sharing


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